4 Fast Ways To Break A Bad Habit

Bad habits are bad  as they sound, and we tend to do them over and over again. Bad habits put your health in dangers and can affect you when the need be.

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So many dangers abound when we repeat them consistently and which might be unknowing to us, so many of us don’t take into consideration what will happen to us on a long term basis; thus repeatedly doing them.

Regardless of what kind of bad habits you practice, you can break them – Yea you can!
Quitting bad habits should be the next big thing for you if you can follow these steps – 4 Fast ways to break a bad habit.

Fast Ways To Break A Bad Habit.

4. The Shift – Replacing Your Habit 
After you’ve determined to let go that bad habit – the next focus is for you to be able to substitute the old habits with a new one. This new one should not be adopted as a new habit but to use as a replacement for the old habit, it’s a process. For instance, you can replace drinking of alcohol with fruit juice, replace smoking with chewing of gum and et’al. Thus, finding a new adoption that will complement the bad habit you are letting go.
3. Avoid “Trigger Locations
After you’ve been able to find a new replacement to those bad habits, the next thing you should do is to avoid locations or places that might resuscitate the past (bad habits). For instance, An alcoholic should avoid clubs, bars where drinks are being sold, try keeping the TV remote out of your reach if you want to stop watching TV. I know this ain’t easy, but you just have to be focused to  be able to break these habits.

2. Like Mind

Surround yourself with folks of like minds that we aid the process (breaking process). We are not saying you should abandon your old friends, still keep them – But i’m pretty sure a like minded friend is going to help you adopt faster to this new change.

1. Envisage Success

After you’ve been to do above listed, be sure to see yourself scale through these process. If you believe, you can achieve it. We look forward to hearing from you on how you were able to use these “Fast Ways To Break A Bad Habit” – See you at the top!!


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