5 Signs He’s Not That Into You

Girls don’t just get it, we get tired of the whole friend/relationship thingy at some point. You should be able to understand the signs without we literally saying it out to you. Pfft! Just move on. Instances such as, we are not interested in talking about how your day went, or how you were insulted by an attendant at the grocery store. Understand the signs babe “hes not that into you”

Below are 5 signs he’s not that into you.

5. He Talks To You Like His Friend

You should be able to notice this sign easily, he’ll practically relate to you the way he talks with his friend, no strings attached. He’ll keep it casual and cool.
You’ll know he’s into you with that smirk on his face and how special he treats you during the conversation. But if he doesn’t – Babe hes not that into you.

4. His Body Language

This is another sign for you to watch out for – His body language. He will try his best to avoid an eye contact with you, probably trying to look else where during a conversation.
He might sit with his body away from you and leaving a huge amount of space in between. His body will also tell that he doesn’t like to keep up with the conversation.

3. He Tells You About Other Girls He Likes

Don’t get this twisted, this is not about any random girls, he really do like the girls he’s telling you about. He might ask you stuffs like, “What should be the perfect gift i can give to Jessica?
Know hes not into you when is comfortable telling you about is sexual advances with other girls.

2. He Gives You Excuses To Why He Didn’t Call

Hey, i’m so busy, my work load is killing me, i have to run some errands etc – These are the lame excuses he will give to why he didn’t call. Read the signs babe, hes not that into you.
No matter how busy we are, we can still make out at least 10 minutes to call someone we care about or probably a quick text.

1. He Doesn’t Reveal Things About Himself

If a guy does not tell you things about himself, it’s a sign he’s not feeling the whole friendship/relationship thingy. Sharing information is to show that we are investing on others. Guys withhold information about themselves when they see no sign in taking things to the next level.
Be sensitive enough know know all these signs that he’s no that into you..

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