5 Reasons Why Most Nollywood Movies Are Rubbish


Nigerian movies, over time, have become a force to reckon with – a force that we all cannot but make jest of. For some reason though, Nollywood appears to be the best in the whole of Africa and that goes to show how low the standards are in these parts. Anyway, here are 5 reasons why most Nigerian movies are wack and may continue to be.

1. They shoot movies in a very short time

Looking for where full movies are shot in 2 weeks or a week? Nigeria is the hub for such practices. Owing to the short time frame, things tend to be rushed and many avoidable mistakes are made; hence, the countless bloopers and editing errors.

2. Low budget

Many Nigerian producers would rather flush a lot of money down the WC than invest it in a very good movie. Trust me, insufficient funds makes a lot of things go south. For crying out in French, get a good budget and shoot high quality movies; is that too much to ask for? We don’t care how you get it, just get it!

3. Their love for ‘film tricks’

Why hide from the camera for a kiss? Why shoot toy guns that sound very much like fake firecrackers? Why make a spirit be conscious of being spotted by people? Why? More of these you would find in Nollywood movies.

4. Uninteresting storyline and plot

It is usually drab and old-fashioned. In fact, many a time you can predict the end from the beginning, especially when the singing voice in the background narrates the entire story for you.

5. Inexperienced cast

That a movie is wack may mean that those actively or passively involved in its creation are wack too. Producers would rather not go for A-list actors, prominent actors or even good actors because of the cost involved, so they settle for green horns that would readily collect stipends. They forget that experience and expertise work magic.

And that’s Nollywood for you.

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