5 Things You Need To Know About Waist Beads

Waist beads also known as (Ileke idi in Yoruba) or (Jigida in Hausa) are most popular in the northern and southern part of Nigeria, they are jewellery worn as the name implies around the waist. They are worn to highlight feminism and beauty to draw tremendous attention to the hips and bum.

The female buttocks represent many things in Africa as well as sentiments as it can be a determining factor for a man when choosing a partner.

I have always been fascinated by jewelries but I got hooked on waist beads when I saw it on my neighbour’s baby and trust me I was mesmerised with the beautiful array of blended colours, and my first thought was that when I start having children of my own.

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I would put waist beads on them considering I wanted not less than a dozen children at that time, I really could envision that and because I thought it was jewellery for only babies.

Imagine how excited I was when I learnt I could also wear waist beads. I bought my first strand of waist bead with my food allowance while I was in junior secondary school, it was hardly visible but it felt like I had finally become a woman, not in a sexual context though, I just felt waist beads are supposed to be a part of my image as a female.

There is a certain pride and confidence of a waist bead wearer especially the first few weeks of wearing it, I am sure people who put on waist beads can totally relate. It is the same feeling a woman has when she is wearing a new and very sexy lingerie, no one looking at her knows what is wearing except her and that feeling is like knowing the secrets of the whole world.

Fast forward to a couple of days later, after avoiding my mum seeing me naked successfully I was caught unaware that morning and when I heard the what is this in her “are you crazy” tone, at that point I knew without doubt I had to say good bye to my beautiful beads.

I got a lecture that day about how it is only promiscuous girls that wear beads and that I was too young to be interested in things like that.

What really are waist beads?

  • Waist beads are believed to possess great erotic appeal and the power to arouse sexual desire from the opposite sexual desire and like my mum.
  • So many other people believe it to be a sign of promiscuity.
  • Some believe it is not Godly and can be used to trap men into unwanted relationships.
  • Others believe it helps in forming a rounder buttocks, wider hips and a more narrow waist.
I believe it is just one of the numerous ornaments we have to adorn our body and it is just a matter of whether or not you like it.

There are no restrictions on waist beads as far as I am concerned and that they come in different sizes and colours for preference so if you are one of the people who have always loved them from afar or you have been skeptical about trying it, what are you waiting for? I can guarantee that you will not want to stop.

Now go beautify that waist!!


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