Suicide Squad Sweeps Up $326 Million Globally


The Viola Davis-fronted ‘Suicide Squad’ is making moves of epic proportions overseas this week.

The DC Comics picture tells the tale of a group of super villains who are enlisted by a secretive government agency to carry out a highly dangerous mission.

The price of failure? Death.

Fortunately, not even the unfavourable reviews its release was met by was enough to stop film buffs from stepping out to support the project.

For, the movie’s global box office voice now sings to the sweet tune of $326 million.

How it achieved this enviable feat?

‘Deadline’ shares:

With its top offshore market so far being the U.K. with $19.7M, the supervillain pic starring Davis, Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie also pushed over Guardians’entire gross run in South Korea with $12.1M after only one week in release. That country has a holiday next weekend with the celebration of its Independence Day on August 15, which might help moviegoing in the territory.

$14.2 million was swept up by Davis and the ‘Squad’ in Russia, while $13.2 million and $12.3 million was earned in Mexico and Australia respectively.

Industry experts expect it to earn an amount north of $51 million its second week of release and for it to go long way to support the third season of Davis’ hit ABC series ‘How To Get Away with Murder.’

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