7 Reasons Why Kevin Hart Is So Successful (Part 1)

Kevin Hart is no doubt one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry today. On the surface, you’d attribute this to his wit, his energetic and funny stage performances, as well as his unique style of comedy; well, you’re not wrong but there are definitely other factors that led to his successful career.

Here’s what we believe to be the 7 reasons why Kevin Hart is so successful.

Kevin Hart’s Success

He Quit His Job!

Kevin Hart 1

Kevin Hart started out as a shoe salesman and was on the verge of making a significant career promotion when he was offered an opportunity to work with Nike. He however turned this off down and opted for his true passion – comedy.

Kevin Hart took a leap and the rest is history.

Making the most of Social Media

Kevin Hart 2

Kevin Hart’s success can also be attributed to his presence on social media. He regularly uploads content vis-a-vis his daily activities thereby keeping his many followers entertained and inspired. Yes, Kevin Hart (on Ellen’s show) admitted to inspiring others through his social media account to be the best they can be.

This strategy has worked well for him as he currently has more followers than his contemporaries, even the legendary Chris Rock.

His fame doesn’t get to his head

Kevin Hart 3

Kevin Hart may be a big-shot in the industry but he sure doesn’t let that get to his head. How do we know this? His jokes are most times self-demeaning and depreciating. For instance, he jokes about his poor background, his being close to the ground (if you know what I mean), and his failures with attractive women. Well, things appear to have changed thanks to his marriage to Eniko Parrish.

Further, the way he tells his jokes passes him off as a regular guy which makes people relate with him easily.

Learn more about Kevin Hart’s success story in the next post.

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