6 Struggles Of Being Gay In Nigeria

6 Struggles Of Being Gay In Nigeria

We all know the story of this young man “Idris Okuneye” – The dude who made wave via the internet last year for his excessive bleaching and his constant upload on snapchat about his so called boyfriend/senator.

The boyfriend which he has refused to show to us. However, we believe he’s sleeping with a famous person among the elite. This could be attributed to the display of huge sum of money on his snapchat stories. And also not forgetting the fact that he has acknowledge himself of being “Gay” countless times.

In this part of the world “Nigeria” – we know what would be done to anyone caught in the act of homosexuality.

There are two things involved as comedian Basketmouth would have it – First, it is either you are handed over to the police and dance to the tune of our judicial process or you stand to face the show of shame, which is “Jungle Justice”. We detest such act in our society.

Back to the subject matter… Below are 9 struggles of being gay in Nigeria.

  1. Never again would you be able to hook up with the opposite sex. Your mind will be so lost in the new world you find yourself in.
  2. You will be asked if you’re a top or a bottom.
  3. You will constantly be surrounded by people you have nothing in common with, except that you all LIKE GIRLS A LOT.
  4. Straight people will think you’re hitting on them if you compliment them.
  5. You can never fake an orgasm.
  6. YOU CAN NEVER COME OUT AS BEING GAY IN NIGERIA. Why because our laws doesn’t agree with this act.Am not condemning those that are gay in Nigeria, but really?? There are so many things to be; not gay bruv/babe.

Just know that you will be lynched before you open your mouth to declare that you’re gay.


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