What Were they thinking?- 7 Worst dressed celebrities at Oscars 2017

This year’s Oscar had many celebrities feeling very fashion confident. A large number of the ladies at the Oscars played it very, very safe…too safe maybe,  with some of the starlets looking like a stuffy ancestor from the Victorian era. Due to this, we have listed the 7 worst dressed celebrities at the Oscars 2017 Red carpet…

First of this kind is Dakota Johnson whose outfit had us all chanting ‘HA HA What is she wearing’. Her outfit would have really set the fashion world on fire… in the 19th century. I still wonder why she donned that dress that had a bow which looked like an apron and neckline that wanted to swallow her head.




Second on our list is Halle Berry whose hair had more volume than a Metallica concert. Some even say she used her hair as an ingenious place to store snacks for the award show.

Halle Berry


3rd is Janelle Monae, basking in her incredibly big and over beaded dress like an Edo Witch. The color of the dress even led one Twitter user to say that her gown was from ‘The House of Grey Poupon’.

Janelle Monae
The House of Grey Poupon


Number 4 on our list is Scarlett Johansson whose gown was badly accessorized with a chunky silver belt.

Scarlett Johansson


5th and 6th are Raphaela Neihausen and actress Cynthia Erivo who both went over-the-top floral for the award show, looking like real life flowers in a vase.

Cynthia Erivo
Raphaela Neihausen


7th is  Eva von Bahr whose dressing looked funny as though she may have forgotten to iron her gown before coming to the show.


Image source: Daily Mail, Getty Images.

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