It’s Friyaay! 6 Fun Stuffs To Do This Weekend Without Spilling All Your Cash


Thank God It’s Friday!

Its the end of another week and I’m sure many of you are already wondering ‘What can I do this weekend?’
Your friends might have called you. Did the conversation go this way?

Friend: What do you wanna do this weekend?

You: *shrug* I don’t know. What bout you?

Friend:  *shoulder shrug* There’s nothing to do.

Guys! There’s always something to do. The major problem is that when we think about fun things, we go for the expensive options like spending your money on drinks.

Here are some things you can do this weekend without spending so much.

1. Throw a B.Y.O.E. Party

B.Y.O.E means Bring Your Own Everything. Encourage your guests to bring food and drinks to share. Get to socialize and meet new people.

2. Go to the Beach

Hit the shores for a little rest and relaxation. Call one or two friends, enjoy the sunlight. Watch the sun rise in the morning. Its a beautiful sight, trust me!


3. Host a Classic Movie Marathon

Invite friends over for a movie marathon featuring all the classics you remember from when you were growing up.

4. Games aren’t just for kids

Try setting up an obstacle course around the house and seeing who can do it in the quickest time. Alternatively take a more intellectual, less strenuous approach and have a game night playing board games.

5. Dance

Turn on the sound system, stick in your phone, and dance away to your favorite songs. Dancing is another form of exercise so its two for two!

6. Be Creative, Draw!

All you need is a pencil or crayons and some paper, then let your imagination run wild.

We hope this helps. Have a lovely weekend guys!


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