Fashion Weekend: 5 Wardrobe Tips for Short Men

Men who are short find it almost impossible to find clothes that fit them well. For the sake of this editorial, I am categorizing short men to be those under 5″8. Here are some of his style tips for men of a shorter stature who want to make over their current wardrobe:

Find a good tailor.

A really good tailor can reshape and re-taper a leg, but unfortunately not every tailor at a store or in a laundry shop is actually talented at that. Men under 5″8 should find a tailor who knows how to make clothes to their own specifications. 


When shopping for pants, always look for medium or lower-rise cuts with a slim leg. Make sure to keep the leg opening at the ankle narrow.

Also, avoid cuffs and pleats as much as possible, since they make yours legs look short and can give the illusion of wider hips.


Like with pants, narrow silhouettes are best. Choose shorts that are cut above the knee to help you look taller. Never, ever, ever wear shorts longer than your knees. 


Men under 5’8” need a better proportioned – not just shorter – blazer that fits well across the shoulders and in the arms.

It’s worth investing in a bespoke or specialty blazer – it will last and save money since you won’t have to re-tailor it to fit your body perfectly.


Untucked button down shirts are one of Manning’s big no-nos, especially when the shirt is too long. If you do decide to wear a shirt untucked, it should never go lower than two inches below your hips. 


Invest in the best shoes possible that are a classic style and will last for years, and avoid heels or lifts. 

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