How Bobrisky used social media platform to dominate the headlines

Bobrisky is fast becoming a society man.

Yesterday, the famous gender-bender attended the burial ceremony of actress Eniola Badmus’ father, and he was the center of attention. From the video surfacing on social media, Bobrisky was captured, dominating the dancefloor as legendary singer King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal sang his praises. And everyone at the occasion fought to get their best shot of this young man who has become an internet sensation.

#bobirisky dances to @kingwasiuayindemarshal #Eniolabadmus dad's-burial

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Many years ago, however, things were not so rosy for the cross-dresser whose real name is Idris Okuneye.

In 2011, the gender-bender was shamed by the Nigerian Police Force after he was arrested for putting on a female attire. Pressmen splashed Bobrisky’s photos all over the pages of newspapers. Bobrisky was mocked and shamed, and after the incident, he led a low profile lifestyle, until he re-emerged years later with a bustling SnapChat profile.

Today, the cross-dresser who ruled 2016 has gained a legit celebrity status; his expensive lifestyle is funded my a mystery ‘bae‘, plus he rakes in money from his thriving bleaching cream sales.

So, how did Bobrisky succeed in doing this, especially in a country that criminalizes sexual differences and shames people for daring to blur certain lines?

See how the gender-bender used his social media platform to tease folks’ curiosity, and in turn dominate the headlines:

1. When he introduced his mystery bae

In August 2016, the crossdresser sent social media into a frenzy when he took to social media platform Snapchat to reveal ‘his Bae’ – an unknown man who according to him is Africa’s fourth richest man, gave him N7 million and a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

Many months later, Bobrisky kept spiking folks’ curiosity by teasing posts about the mystery bae.

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2. When he denied rumors that he is gay:

In his September 2016 interview with Celeb Police, the self-proclaimed male barbie opened up for the first time about himself while also slamming those claiming he is gay. Asked why he dresses like a woman, the SnapChat star said he does so just to attract clients for his business.

Image: Bobrisky

3. When he landed his first magazine cover

In October 2016, the popular crossdresser was featured on the cover of Accelerate TV magazine. In the feature interview, he opened up about how far he has come, his dreams, his crush on Wizkid, and what motivates him. And more.


4. When he was invited to speak at the New Media Citizens and Governance conference in Abuja:

Bobrisky dominated the internet in October when EiE Nigeria revealed he was invited to speak at the New Media Citizens and Governance conference in Abuja on the unconventional uses of new media. Some of the speakers scheduled speak at that event included corporate executives, senators,  and social media gurus like Bashir Ahmad, Japheth Omojuwa, and Tolu Ogunlesi.

Some drama started when Bashir Ahmad and some others pulled out of the event because of the SnapChat star, sparking a major debate on tolerance and acceptance. Ultimately, Bobrisky’s event became the most publicized for that reason.

5. When He stormed London for a Meet and Greet with fans

Social media went crazy when the famous cross-dresser flew to England to meet with fans in London, and the event turned out to be a successful one.

According to folks on Twitter, the entry fee to see the SnapChat star was £20, and the turnout was outstanding as many fans trooped to the event center and almost mobbed Bobrisky as they struggled to sit and take selfies with him.

6. When he threw an elaborate housewarming party


In November, the Snapchat star threw his highly-anticipated housewarming party in Lekki, opening his 5-bedroom duplex which he said was gifted to him by his bae. The star employed the services of armed men. And the highlight of the night was when singer Mc Galaxy graced the event and showered the star with 1000 naira notes.

And the latest, legendary acts like King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal now sing Bobrisky’s praises, a shocking development in our largely homophobic society.

Here’s one celeb whose rise to fame continues to stun fans and haters alike.

LESSON: Bobrisky might not stand for what our African society represents but he has made a name for himself and his brand by utilizing social media platforms. There is still space for you and your product!


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