8 statements Single Nigerian women are tired of hearing

Relationships are hard.

And so is being single. From the pitying glances at weddings and events to the straight out rude comments and questions, single Nigerian women have it hard.

Our society places way too much emphasis on marriage. And the pressure single Naija women face is out of this world. Here are some of the things single Nigerian women are tired of hearing:

1. Your mates are married with kids

People don’t know how annoying this is. When an older person asks you this, please be sure to remind them that Dangote and Folorunsho Alakija are their mates too.

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2. You are ripe enough for marriage.

Oya, be sure to point us to the husband tree so we can go and pluck one since we both wanna be fruits.

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3. You’re too beautiful and intelligent to be single

Is it only ugly and stupid people that are single?


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4. You will soon expire

We get that women have a biological clock. It is not nice to tell women they will soon expire as if they’re goods on a supermarket shelf. Rather than worrying about when a woman’s menopause is, biko worry about your running mouth instead.

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5. Man na Man

Nigerian parents are always quick to whip out this “man na man” because they feel you’re being too picky. Let women decide on who they want to be with.

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6. Are you sure something isn’t wrong with you?

Brother/Sister prophetess, have you worried about your own life enough? If you were worrying about your own life, you will not be “doing busybody” on why someone isn’t married yet.


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7. You need to fast more to get a husband

The ministers of marital advice and affairs will not let other women breathe or relax. As if going without food magically sends you a husband.

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8. Attend more weddings

Yes oh, because marriage is now ebola that you can catch once you attend enough weddings.

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