If you didn’t make these hairstyles in Secondary school, You ain’t Nigerian

Before the days of weaves and braids, secondary school girls in Nigeria had t0 make really simple hairstyles.

Some schools had a list of styles that they announced at the beginning of every week, and every girl had to comply. The hairdressers usually had their hands full during the weekends. Here are some of the most common hairstyles.

1. All back

All back is one of the most popular hairstyles and one of the simplest hairstyles. The big girls got to add ‘brush’ to their hair.

 all back braids

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2. Patewo

Patewo means ‘Clap your hands’ in Yoruba and that’s how the hairstyle looks.


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3. Koroba

This hairstyle kind of looks like an upside down Suku. There’s also a variation of this, called Orisabunmi with Suku in the middle of the Koroba.


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4. Ipako Elede

This is the reverse of ‘All back’.

 ipako elede hairstyle

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5. Calabar

This was a hairstyle that was reserved for girls with long hair. It was in the form of individual plaits.


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6. Suku

Suku is a really popular style, and it is still quite common today.


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7. Kiko (African threading)

This involves the use of thread to make beautiful styles.


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8. Ojokopeti

This literally means ‘Rain does not beat the ears’


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9. Police cap

Police cap

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10. Who is in the garden/ Orishabumi

Who is in the garden

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11. Evelyn King

Evelyn King

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12. Two Shuku

 two shuku

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13. Coconut hairstyle

coconut style

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