DIY: How to turn your old leggings into a crop top

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We all want to look our best. We always do. Everyone wants to slay in whatever they’ve got on.

Crop tops remain one of the biggest trends in the fashion world. You can rock a crop top with almost any bottom. But do you know you can make your own crop top using an old pair of leggings?

Yes, you can. You just need leggings, needle, thread, scissors and a pen. Here’s how you use these items to get a crop top:

1.  Step 1

Fold the leggings. Use a pen to make a V-neck or round neck around the crotch area of your leggings. Don’t cut too wide or the cleavage of your top will be too low.

Leggings to Crop Top

Image: GenevieveNG


2.  Step 2

Use the scissor to cut out the marked portion. Place the leggings on a hard surface before cutting.

Leggings to Crop Top

Image: GenevieveNG


3.  Step 3

Turn the leggings inside out. Then use the needle and thread to hem the edges.

Leggings to Crop Top

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