Halleluyah Challenge, The latest social media trend by Nathaniel Bassey and all you need to know about it

Except you live under a rock, you must have heard of the #Hallelujah challenge that’s taking social media by storm


It’s a 30-day challenge to praise God from 12 midnight to 1am every day in the month of June.



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The theme is ‘Olowogbogboro’. 

Olowogbororo means ‘The outstretched hand of God’

Wohhhhoooooooo THE WORD YOU SPEAK TURNS THINGS AROUND. This testimony is all the way from Canada. I particularly like it because of the young man who shared it. So happy that He realizes that God is real. PLLEASE REEEEEAAAD! ######God has done something great for me. My girlfriend introduced me to the midnight praise challenge and I participated for the first time on Sunday morning. Now, I've had this case against me in court where I was wrongly accused of assault. A conviction would have left me with a criminal record and subsequently affected my immigration status as I currently reside in Canada. During the praise session you told us that whatever Egyptian​ (problem) we see today, we shall see them no more. You also asked that we write whatever we want God to do for us on a piece of paper and dance over it. That was on Sundays morning. Today Monday (June 12) is my trial date and just like that, the mighty hand if God worked wonders. I came out victorious as the lady involved changed her statement and I wasn't found guilty nor did I get a criminal record. The Lord is indeed the greatest. Thanks to God for using you to be a blessing to his people. God bless you abundantly.###### ######

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The challenge was started by Nathaniel Bassey, a popular Nigerian Gospel artiste

By the special grace of God, every time you hear a Nathaniel Bassey Song, it shall do two things. Glorify God. And Edify You. Keep praying for us. God bless you all friends.

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The challenge has demonstrated the power of social media. It takes place on Instagram live and Facebook live


We might be on Facebook Live as well.

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As many as 50 thousand people take part in the praise session every day, and the numbers keep rising. Even celebrities are not left out.

My case is settled in Jesus name,Amen! #hallelujahchallenge #olowogbogboro @nathanielblow

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When Nathaniel Bassey said we should shout suddenly, it was only right for D’banj to do so.





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