Outrage as #FreeEvans campaign goes Viral

Meet Evans, The Billioniaire Kidnap Mastermind

He was apprehended in one of his mansions in Magodo Estate, Lagos, last Saturday when planning a bullion van robbery, which was also carried out on the Aba-Port-Harcourt Road in Abia State.

The police said Evans had raked in $4m from four of his 13 captives in Lagos, and used part of the proceeds to acquire two mansions worth N300m in Magodo Phase II, another two houses in Accra, Ghana, exotic cars, expensive wristwatches and jewellery.

An online campaign with the hashtag #FreeEvans, calling for the release of a kidnap mastermind, Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike, aka Evans, which went viral on Saturday, has sparked outrage on the Internet, particularly on Twitter. This started after his wife appealed to Nigerian authorities to spare the life of her husband and also claiming she was not aware of her husband’s criminal activities.

Following his arrest and confessions, a Twitter user with the handle @Diranaire (Diran) had on June 12 posted a tweet, “#FreeEvans #JusticeForEvans. Igbos are being victimised. That’s how deeply some Nigerians are brainwashed.”

Three days after that tweet, another Twitter handle, @TAJUDEEOLAJID, posted, “For me, I don’t see any difference between Saraki and Evans … they’re both hustling for dollars, please #freeEvans. If saraki can be freed I think we should start trending #freeEvans the kidnapper.”

Similarly, on June 16, another Twitter handle, @justemdee, said, “Now that @BukolaSaraki is discharged and declared ‘innocent.’ We should expect Evans, the kidnapper, to be discharged too. Please #FREEEvans.”

Expressing shock over the Twitter campaign to free Evans, a Twitter user with the handle @Omodayo2 wrote, “I woke up to a #FreeEvans campaign. Lord Jesus, when are you coming back? There are more mad humans roaming the earth now, save us.”

Another user, @lordtannertalks, said, “Are you people asking for #freeEvans mad? Free what? All you people pushing this #freeEvans matter, may God punish you all for a long time.”

A tweet by @sheysheykushey said, “I sincerely pray that the loved ones of those behind the #FreeEvans campaign fall victim to other kidnappers out there. This I solemnly pray.”

In the same vein, @cicceroUNO said, “The thunder that will fire the advocates of #FreeEvans will come like a doctor’s prescription: 2 morning, 1 afternoon and 2 in the night.”

Showing similar indignation @PrimeBaba stated, “All the exponents of #FreeEvans are human beings who have chosen to function by animal code simply. No gainsaying they are all deranged!

Those who are behind the #FreeEvans stuff; may kidnappers locate and kidnap you; bunch of inhumane beings!” a Twitter user with the handle @geotaha stated.

Similarly, PREMIUM TIMES observed that a dedicated Facebook page is being operated to promote the campaign, with the name ‘Free Evans The Kidnapper And Jail Nigerian Politicians’.

No one has publicly come out to defend the campaign.

But many Nigerians who commented on the campaign are enraged that people could call for the release of a notorious kidnapper, whose unlawful activities, at least on a particular occasion, led to the death of about four persons.

Do you think he should be freed too? Or not?

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