5 things you do every Monday that ruins the whole week

Welcome to Monday! The one day of the week that can make or break your healthy run to the weekend. If you’re still working on the New Year resolutions you set yourself day one of 2017 or you’re struggling to make it through each week with the motivation to stay on your healthy track, it’s time to refocus — and it all starts with the first day of the week. Reset by setting your healthy intentions each Monday and you’ll quickly notice how your week dramatically improves.

Keep reading for the mistakes that are too easily made on a Monday that have a major impact on the rest of your week without you even realizing.


1. You Don’t Exercise on Monday Morning

We’ll admit, waking up before the sun on a Monday to head to the gym, for a run or to your lounge room to do a 28-minute Kayla Itsines workout doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do off the back of a busy weekend, but it is so worth it! Starting your week with a workout means you’re already one workout down for the week and if that isn’t a successful start we don’t know what is.

2. You stress out Monday thinking about the whole week

If your Sunday night blues start early and suck the fun out of your day off, it may be time to consider looking for another job or at least finding ways to make your job more palatable. Continued stressful Sundays can lead to irritability and otherwise negatively impact your health and your relationship with those around you.” When negative thoughts arise on the weekend or Monday morning, work on bringing yourself back to the present moment

3. You Treat Yo’Self to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


If you allow yourself to be tempted by the unhealthy “healthy” food court options you’re giving yourself permission to fall off the wagon. Combine buying your meals on a Monday, instead of bringing a more nutritious option from home, with not exercising and you’ll find this behavior will transfer into Tuesday, which will be Wednesday in the blink of an eye! Prep your meals on a Monday, the night before if you’re super-organised.

4. You Start Your Day With Two Coffees Before Breakfast

The weekend was yesterday and you’re suffering from Monday denial, we get it! But starting your day with one coffee — let alone two — before the food isn’t the best start to the day. Why? It increases your stress hormone levels. So don’t rely on coffee to jolt you into the week, that’s what a nutritious breakfast is for.

5. You spend time with people who bring you down

What can you do when the very thought of being around certain friends and family members during the weekend makes you wish for Monday? You have to learn three things: “Limits, consequences, and follow through.” And yes, even when it comes to your mother. Set boundaries about what you’re willing to accept. Surround yourself with positive minded people so you can have a great week.

Avoid these mistakes on a Monday and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy seven days.


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