Here’s why #OsiSuaveChallenge Is Trending and it’s so hilarious!

Osikhena Dirisu popularly known as Osi Suave is a famous Nigerian OAP for Beat FM.

He’s been trending on Twitter lately, but not for good reasons. 





People have caught him contradicting himself and even lying several times.

lying meme



He claims he made his first million at 3 different ages:




He even contradicted himself when he tweeted about his first car..



And we’re just wondering, Osi, WYD?



The people of social media created the #Osisuavechallenge and tweeted ridiculous lies in a bid to outdo Osi

Remember your friend in primary school who claimed to have two swimming pools until armed robbers stole one? Ehen! Here are some of the funniest tweets from the #Osisuavechallenge.











LMAOO. Join the challenge and tag us on twitter @sspyng

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