Fans outraged after Frank Lampard called his wife and dog “My two b*tches”

Chelsea Players seem to be a lot in the news lately.

Last week, Fabregas was trolled all over social media. Missed it? Click here

Former Chelsea midfielder, Frank Lampard provoked fans after uploading a cute Instagram shot of stunning his wife, Christine  kissing their cute dog Mollie, with the caption, ‘My two b*tches’

Although, undoubtedly meant with no malice, the controversial caption went down like a lead balloon with social media followers with some labelling him ‘sexist’ for the snap.


Angry fans have been reacting to this picture with different comments. One user wrote that Frank would be banished outside like the dog in question for his remark, saying, ‘Frank Lampard is definitely eating his dinner in the garden tonight

Another wrote ”Frank Lampard really is from another planet’.

One user vented their frustration with expletives, posing the question ‘Seriously is there a bigger k*** h*** than Frank Lampard!’

But he did have some supporters with one fan calling him a ‘legend’ and another writing ‘Frank Lampard trolled by feminists by making a joke…seriously get a grip’

Frank and Christine married after a four-year engagement in December 2015.

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