How Tennis legend, Boris Becker blew $167 million on Investments in Nigerian Oil

Bankrupt Wimbledon Tennis Legend, Boris Becker may have lost his $167m fortune in part because of questionable investments in the Nigerian oil industry, according to claims by the German press.

Since the 49-year-old former tennis star was declared bankrupt in a London court last month, there has been speculations about how he managed to squander a personal fortune estimated at over $167m.

Now, Germany’s Spiegel magazine has published claims that Bankrupt Mr. Becker’s business dealings went far deeper than celebrity endorsements and media appearances.

The magazine claims he made investments in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, and at one point considered a single investment of more than $10m (£7.6m).

It also alleged he had extensive links outside the world of tennis that ranged from African leaders to Laxmi Mittal, the Indian steel billionaire, and was seen as some one who could facilitate business deals.

The claims centered on documents Spiegel claimed was leaked by Football Leaks, a whistleblowing website.

The magazine claims it has seen details of a single investment of “more than $10m” in Nigerian oil prepared for Mr. Becker by Forbes & Manhattan, a Canadian investment bank and a former associate of the tennis player. Forbes & Manhattan did not reply to a request for comment.

It is not clear whether Mr. Becker went through with the investment, or whether it was successful.

Mr Becker’s association with Doyen was publicly presented as an opportunity for the company to expand its operations in the world of tennis. But the purported internal emails leaked to Spiegel note that he had met recently with Mr. Mittal and John Mahama, the Ghanaian president at the time, and described him as “some one who can open doors for us in certain circles”.

During bankruptcy proceedings in London last month, John Briggs, Mr. Becker’s lawyer, told the court: “He is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances.”

Mr. Becker was not available for comment.

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