10 Important milestones you should have reached before getting married

1. Signing a lease for an apartment that’s completely yours – no parents, no siblings, no roommates, no boyfriend or girlfriend, just you. It doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest studio in existence because it’s still yours.

2. Doing something that’s terrified you your entire life – it can be as drastic as skydiving or as seemingly low-key as signing up for an acting class. If it terrifies you, it’s a huge step to take.

3. Accepting a job or promotion that pulls you out of your comfort zone and places you in a city or country where you barely know anyone.

4. Buying or leasing a car completely on your own – with no help from your parents or siblings or friends. Just a purchase or lease agreement that exists simply between you and the car dealership.

5. Reaching a point in your life where even if you still care about your looks, you’re more concerned with your character, your choices, and the people you surround yourself with.

6. Deciding to go back and get your Masters if you feel that that’s the best thing for you to do at this moment in time.

7. Getting on your own health insurance plan.

8. Quitting a perfectly good job – not because it’s a challenge or it’s difficult, but because it makes you truly miserable and unhappy.

9. …And quitting said job without telling or “asking” your parents first, because you’ve already figured out how you can budget out your savings until you find something else.

10Going on your first vacation with a significant other – paid for by you two and you two alone.

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