Let’s Link Game of Thrones Houses to Football Clubs. Shall we?

In case you’ve still not gotten the memo, winter is here!
And we’re excited about Game of Thrones being back…Just because it’s Game of Thrones duh.

While trying to discuss the theories, we decided to  equate some football clubs to Game of Throne houses and it’s brilliant!

1. Manchester United – House Targaryen

Once a great force, bought down for few years. There’s a hint of a comeback but it’s a shit world so it could fail miserably.

2. Liverpool – House Baratheon

Whenever they try, they fail.

3. Arsenal – House Stark

Trying to achieve everything honourably, in that process getting everyone killed & lose everything

4. Chelsea – House Lannister

They get shit done, no matter how ugly it is. Biggest cunts but guaranteed success. Irrelevant without money.

5. Manchester City – House Tyrell

Has buttload of money but no one gives a fuck about them, got no fans.

6. Leceister – House Bolton

Did well & dominated for a season but now beaten to ashes. In a couple of years, people won’t even know who they were.

7. Spurs – White Walkers

Not here for the throne or anything. Just to put the pressure on all houses. The Starks are making sure they are in behind the wall.

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