8 Akwa Ibom meals you need to eat before you die

One thing Akwa Ibom people are known for is their great culinary skill. 

Akwa Ibom people can cook! I imagine that if there’s culinary heaven, it’s going to be filled with meals made by Akwa Ibom people. Here are some of their meals that you just have to try!

1. Edikang Ikong

Edikang Ikong soup is made with sliced pumpkin leaves, water leaf, and a lot of seafood and meat. It’s usually served with boiled yam or swallow. Check out the ServePot recipe here.

Edikang Ikong



2. Afang

This delicacy is made from afang leaves and water leaves known as mmong mmong. It’s usually served with swallow. Check out the Servepot recipe here.

afang soup


3. Ekpang Nkukwo

This is a special cocoyam dish which is grated into balls and wrapped in cocoyam leaves. You can find the recipe here.



4. Abak  Atama soup

This soup is made from oil palm fruit and leaves. A lot of condiments like smoked fish, meat, seafood like periwinkle, stockfish and crayfish are used in preparing it. It can be served with yam, rice or swallow. You can find the recipe here.

abak soup



5. Otong soup

This is a delicacy made from Okro and vegetables. You can find the recipe here

Otong Soup



6. Ayan Epkang

This is another delicacy made from cocoyam. You can find the recipe here. 


7. Iwuk Edesi

This is Native Jollof Rice. It’s quite tasty too. You can find the recipe here.

iwuk edesi



8. Edesi Isip 

This is the Akwa Ibom style of making Coconut rice. Find the recipe here.

edesi isip




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