All hell let loose on Gilbert Arenas after he called Lupita Nyong’o ugly

Gilbert Arenas is under fire for body-shaming Lupita Nyong’o again.

The three-time NBA All-Star went on a long rant on Instagram yesterday after a photo of Lupita Nyong’o at a Mexico beach surfaced on social media. While many people had kind things to say about the Oscar Award winner, Arenas compared her to an ‘ugly fat girl’.

And that’s not all.

The former Golden State Warrior player slammed folks who applauded Lupita’s beauty, saying that they only think the photo is nice because of the scenery.

“Everybody is saying her (skin) looks beautiful. How about her face? Lights off,” he said

This is not the first time Gilbert Arenas would be shaming Lupita Nyong’o on his Instagram.

Read his post below.


Then people came for his black mouth and it’s hilarious.

In April, He went on another rant, pissing on black women, applauding mixed raced women, and even dragged Lupita in during the heated rant. The post earned him major backlash, for which he later apologized for.

Now, he is back again, and the black community is currently putting him in his place.

One thought on “All hell let loose on Gilbert Arenas after he called Lupita Nyong’o ugly

  1. This guy is pure scum of the earth.
    Hé is just like the big bully that you have in some classroom.
    Hé is bullying Lupita online, bodyshaming her and harassing her. Like so many of these men do.
    Lupita I am laywer, and these facts that I stated above are enough to file a lawsuit against this jerk.
    If a white person would make such remarks they would be seen as racist. This is exactly the same.
    Some of these public figures that make these statements, should’nt get away with it. But it isn’t taken seriously because they are Black men and nobody cares about black women. I will send you my card en telephone number via Facebook and show him what darkskinned women are capable off, such as suing his ass for harassment, racism and online-abuse as a public figure or please contact your own laywer.

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