11 Things You do Everyday that affects your Health + Tips to stay healthy

Every day, we knowingly or unknowingly do some things that affect our health.

Every thing you do affects your health one way or another, from the food you decide to eat, the places you eat them. Unfortunately, there are so many things we do every day that messes our health. Due to ignorance, we sometimes don’t know sometimes because such knowledge just doesn’t come to us. This is what prompted me writing this article. I’ll be talking about 11 Things You do every day that affects your Health and also some Tips to stay healthy.

These things you do every day are things that mess up your health big time:

1. Eating salad at a fast food is worse than eating a burger.

It has more grams of fat and salad dressing because as you’re trying to enjoy your salad you add many other things like cheese then it really isn’t so healthy anymore. My advice, make your salad yourself so you can control your fat intake.
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2. Did you know that sitting for long hours shorten your life?

If you sit for very long hours then you are at a higher risk for cancer and heart attack. This is why it is important to move around even during office hours try doing some sit-down workouts and take time from your lunch to go for a long walk.

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3. Skinny jeans can damage your nerve endings.

If you’re a skinny jeans fan then you have the possibility of getting ‘Meralgia Paresthetica’. It is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in your outer thigh. Best to wear clothes/jeans that would not be too tight.  

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4. Washing machines have a horrible bacteria called E. coli.

Maybe you should just avoid putting your underwear in there. Wash your underwear with your hands, It can’t be that hard!

E. Coli



5. Brushing your teeth right after eating can cause severe tooth damage.

Eating causes acidity in the mouth which then softens the enamel so brushing your teeth after can worsen it. This is why it’s best to brush teeth before you eat.

6. Sleeping in a bra is bad for your health.

Why would you even sleep in a bra? It lowers your salivary melatonin which is produced in the gland and regulates sleep. So when you wear a bra it may mess with your sleep and even periods.

7. Artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight.

A study was done on rodents and they found out that they got fat when they were fed sweeteners.
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8. An intense workout can make some things shrink for the men.

This only happens for a few hours so you don’t need to stress.

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9. Your desk has a lot of germs, like a lot more than a toilet.

So when you were told that germs are everywhere you better believe it because your desk is crawling with a lot more germs than you’d wish. But it is also important to wipe it with a disinfectant every day.
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10. Being bored is bad for your health.

Research has shown that people with boring lives with no new challenges are a higher risk of getting a heart attack. Meaning if anything shocking was to happen your heart wouldn’t be ready for all that and might just turn out to be a cardiac arrest.

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11. Showering every day makes it more likely to get sick.

This does not mean you stop showering.
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For a healthy life, try to avoid these 11things You do every day that affects your Health and also follow those tips to stay healthy.

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