7 important items for cold weather travel for ladies

Ah, Harmattan, I love the coldness and coziness that comes with you but the dust is too much to handle. If you are planning to travel home for the festive period, figuring out what to pack might be a little difficult due to the amount of space cold weather clothes take. But I’ve got your back! With these essential items, you will be all set wherever your travels might take you.

Here are 7 important items for cold weather travel for ladies:

1. Beanie/Hat

Your entire body, (your poor little ears) will thank you for remembering to pack a hat.  You can grab some cute hats that will last you for a long time, so shop and get a hat selection. Earmuffs and head wraps work great to keep you warm too.

2. Base Layers

Despite being skinny or fat, a good base layer adds as much warmth as that bulky sweater you have. You can pair this with pants or a shirt without having to add much to your luggage. It can be either short or long-sleeved depending on your destination.


3. Thermal Socks

Regular gym socks are not going to cut it during this cold weather. Thermal socks are one of the most important items for cold weather travel for ladies. For optimal warmth and comfort, they are the best way to go. You want those feet to stay protected and look cute at the same time.

4. Coat

For coats and jackets, Wear, don’t pack them. By dressing in layers with the listed items, you can stay warm without even wearing an enormous coat.

5. Leggings

Leggings are a girl’s traveling best friend. You can wear them during any season, be it dry or cold, so put them to good use during the cold weather. You can also layer your leggings under your jeans for optimal warmth.

6. Walking Boots

Do I have to stress how important it is for your feet to be extremely comfortable when traveling? So much of your traveling time is going to be on foot. So wear a pair of boots that are comfortable, warm, durable and preferably waterproof.  

7. Gloves

Bare fingers equal to an unhappy touchscreen. No gloves equal unhappy hands. Gloves are made to protect your tender fingers from the harshness of the weather.

With these important items for cold weather travel for ladies, your bag is all packed. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing some tips needed to survive the weather. Men, stay glued to Social Spy so you would not miss yours.

If there’s an item I missed, drop a comment below and I’ll update the list. Your opinion matters!


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